Weather Forecast for Tonight: Dark

National & serious weather sites…bookmark them before you need them.


You’ve just heard about a hurricane that’s close enough to rearrange your living room furniture, so you jump on the Internet and run a quick search. You can’t remember the names, but you know there are some credible sites that are serious about weather – you’ve come across them before while cruising the net. But now, all your finding are sites that want to make weather fun.


Bookmark these and be ever ready…..

National Weather Service

NWS Digital Forecast

National Hurricane Center

Weather Underground Service

National Weather Service

A Search Engine Change

Google has always been the king of search engines. That might be changing. It takes a lot of patience to search on Google these days.  Just as you start to read the information you just searched for, it’s gone. The text you were reading  disappears, and you helplessly watch as everything on the page quickly rearranges itself. The text is tossed around as ad images load and take their positions.  You can’t do anything but sit back and watch the page build.  Frustrating?   Without a doubt.  But what can you do?

BING?  That Microsoft Search Engine?
Enter Bing, the search engine that could. Run that same search and delight in the fact that the page loads…… and stays that way.  You can read your search results text without it disappearing.  The text stays right where it was when the page loaded.  I like that idea.

You Are 26th in Queue

Since when is it acceptable to expect customers to wait 45 minutes on hold for support? And what about this “Please listen to all options as they have changed” voice prompt? Is everyone in an endless flux of change? Oh,  The biggest one of them all – “We are experiencing high call volumes and you may have an extended wait time. Here’s an idea…………WHY DON’T YOU HIRE MORE PEOPLE TO ANSWER YOUR PHONES?

Whew…I feel better. For the moment!